Greg Pak’s Incredible Hulks To End

IncredibleHulks 635

Greg Pak’s The Incredible Hulks ends with issue 635 in August, ending his run on the book and character that has lasted five years and granted a sense of reliability to a title that had run away in many disparate directions until this relative new talent took over the book. Greg Pak’s run began with 2006’s critical and commercial hit Planet Hulk. Pak has probably had more of an impact on the character and his success than anyone since Peter David, spun off new books and new characters. The series is set to end during a story arc titled Heart Of The Monster. Pak renamed the series The Incredible Hulks, which includes a number of different Hulk’s including Red Hulk, Skaar the son of The Hulk and Betsy Ross’ Red She-Hulk.

So is this the end of the published adventures of The Incredible Hulk? Don’t bet on it. The popularity of the Banner Hulk is one of Marvels best read comic. Ever since its launch in 1962, The Incredible Hulk has been one of Marvel’s highest-selling and longest-running books on the market. The original series was canceled only 6 issues in, with the character moving to guest appearances and later, a feature role in Tales to Astonish. Eventually, Tales to Astonish was re-branded as The Incredible Hulk with issue #102. Since then, the series has had the typical re-numbering and relaunches, but has remained consistently published in one way or another.

We’ve been pleased the series as of late, so this definitely sad news. However, we can’t imagine that the Green Gamma radiated Giant will stay dormant for long. We’ll see what Marvel’s got in store for him in post-Fear Itself. I expect to see a new series start some time before the end of 2011 so, hang in there Incredible hulk fans. Keep looking for updates right here. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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  1. I bow down humbly in the prsenece of such greatness.

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