George Perez’s Boycott Statement

George Perez
George Perez

George Pérez has come out in protest of United States’ President-Elect Donald Trump by pledging not to attend any conventions or comic functions in any ‘Red States.’ Pérez explains that he feels threatened by Trump’s statements and actions, for both himself, his wife, and his family and friends.

Pérez provided this statement to the Comic World about his decision. I make no comment on his actions at this time. I think the statement speaks for itself:

“Just as a confirmation and clarification, since I have been flooded with requests for such, yes, I have indeed decided that I will no longer be accepting invitations to conventions and similar functions in states that supported and allowed a scurrilous and openly bigoted, misogynist, deceitful, homophobic, uninformed, philandering, sexist egomaniac to become our commander and chief and disgrace us in the eyes of the world. I have a lot of friends who will be adversely affected and run over by this crazy driver now that he’s been allowed the keys to the car, and I just had to take a stand somehow.

“To me, it’s not a question of not respecting other people’s choice. This isn’t policy he was talking about; it’s oppression, it’s hate and fear, it’s tacit approval of violent action against those with whom one doesn’t agree with. It’s the denial and threatened removal of basic human rights and liberties. I am an Hispanic. I’m threatened. My wife is a woman; she is threatened. I have friends, fans and many members of my extended family, gay, straight, transgender, black, Hispanic, Muslim and, yes, even many whites, who are now scared and poised for disaster.

“Mine is really a meek protest, but it is all I could think of. My actions won’t really cost anyone anything. No one will be hurt if I don’t come to conventions. In fact, I am the one who will lose a substantial source of income. I can live with that. My friends, my family and many of my fans deserve that much and so much more, from me.

“However, since I still take great pride in my professional reputation, I will be honoring all convention commitments already announced. I have sent letters to many of the organizers offering them the option of canceling my appearances if they think I would be a detriment to their show. I assured them that politics would never be discussed by me and my focus would remain on giving every convention goer the best con experience I can give them. So far, everyone has been incredibly supportive and I will do my best to make sure I don’t let them down.

“I already did a show in Jacksonville (I live in Florida— a red state, regrettably) and it went very well, and I made a nice chunk of change for a veterans’ charity. I trust that all will go as swimmingly for all my further appearances.

“For those who think less of me or downright despise me now, that is your right. Don’t read my books; don’t ask for autographs; don’t even acknowledge my existence if that is your pleasure. If you believe and support the words and actions of a man with so little moral fiber or human decency, that’s something a higher power will have to judge you for. If Trump’s own words didn’t convince you what a loathsome person he is, certainly nothing that I say or do will sway you. I just hope you never become one of his targets or victims. I know too many who are.

This is for them.”

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  1. “No conventions or comic functions in any ‘Red States.’ We covered his statement in a past article in Comic Talk. Humberto Ramos a Hispanic comic book penciller has joined Pérez in this boycott.” So you hurt the innocent with those you don’t like because they voted based on being afraid. Fear never solves anything.

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