Dan Slott Quits Twitter

Dan Slott, writer of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, Clone Conspiracy and Eisner winner for Silver Surfer has quit Twitter because he does not like the political scene or the Pro-Trump Rhetoric on Twitter. Slott has been known for being very vocal on social media especially Twitter for years. When you make criticisms and comments on political themes and social pop culture everyone has an opinion. It seems that the comic world of creators are no different than any group of professionals in America with different ideas of how the world works.

Dan Slott is no stranger to getting in heated discussions with people of different views on the internet and many have shared a comment or two with Dan. Tom Brevoort the Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing at Marvel once commented in a series of Tweets: @DanSlott Tweet less, write more! Love him or hate him Dan Slott is a talented individual with popular runs of Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer to his credit at Marvel.

Social media is an area of activity which can consume the time of busy people and the points made rarely changes others mind in any one communication. Even though it is an American phenomenon and part of world culture and many people from all areas of life participate.

More Direct way is to simply make a statement and hope a media outlet picks it up. George Pérez, comic artist and writer, has come out in protest of United States’ President-Elect Donald Trump by pledging not to attend any conventions or comic functions in any ‘Red States.’ We covered his statement in a past article in Comic Talk. Humberto Ramos a Hispanic comic book penciller has joined Pérez in this boycott. Many people have expressed their disdain of the election in other ways.

Scott Lobdell
Scott Lobdell
Writer Scott Lobdell who has became known for his work on Marvel Comics’ X-Men-related titles, has a bit different approach in the boycott, his statement is below.

“In the light of some of my fellow comic creators boycotting convention appearances at different states across the country, I feel I need to make my own position clear:

“I love America. I love Americans. I love comic books. I love comic book fans.
I love people I agree with and I love people I don’t agree with.
I love that I live in a country where we vote for our representatives — and that we have the opportunity (and the responsibility) to vote people and parties in an out of office as we see fit.

“As then-Senator Obama so eloquently put it back in 2004: “Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America. There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America — there’s the United States of America.”

“If a fan approaches me for an autograph or just to say hello, I’m not going to ask you who you voted for as a litmus test as to whether or not you’re worthy of my time or a signature or a conversation. I already know you are.
Just to be clear, I will go to any convention, in any state, in any city in America and talk to anyone — who knows, I might even learn something.”

There also are those in the comic world who are vocal and those who are quiet about the political views and don’t get to involved much in social media like Grant Morrison who lets his writing speak for him. His use of Twitter for the most part is free of political views or comments. Most of his comments are about comic books or writing.

This is why I love the comic book world and the people who create and read and participate in this pop culture microcosm of people that reflects society as we know it. Comic reading is more than an escape to another reality but a look into the heart of humankind and not just a funny book. Please let us know how you feel with your comments below and come back often to Comics Talk. 🙂 Walt

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2 Thoughts to “Dan Slott Quits Twitter”

  1. Bruce

    Somehow I think Twitter will do fine without Slott. Even with Trump in office life goes on.

  2. He is back I knew he would come back to Twitter

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