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Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 premieres this Friday, May 3 – will it beat Iron Man 2? What new characters will we see donning the Iron Man suit? Are fans more excited for it than Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness?

The comic fans have spoken… and we have the scoop on what die-hard fans are predicting!

comiXology, the world’s largest source for digital comics on the web, iOS, and Android, polled over 5,700 users for its new “comiX indeX” – essentially an inside scoop on what comic enthusiasts and influencers are saying and forecasting.

Would you be interested in covering this data? comiXology CEO David Steinberger is available to comment. Below are the “comiX indeX” results:

·         What is the best Iron Man movie so far: the original Iron Man or Iron Man 2?

o    73% say the first Iron Man is the best yet!


·         Beside Tony Stark and Col. Rhodes, what character is most likely to sport an Iron Man suit in Iron Man 3?

o    72% say Pepper Potts, though Happy Hogan and The Mandarin weren’t completely ruled out (between 7-8% believe these are possibilities)


·         Will Iron Man 3 be the summer’s biggest-grossing comics-related film? 

o    58% say YES – bigger than Man of Steel, Kick-Ass 2, The Wolverine, and Star Trek Into Darkness


·         What is the best Iron Man suit?

o    66% say Extremis; Nearly 11% say Hulkbuster; Iron Patriot, Original Mark 1, and Modern Space Suit were close 3rd place choices


·         Who would comiXology fans rather see piloting an Iron Man suit?

o    40% say Pepper Potts; 30% say Black Widow; 11% say Edwin Jarvis; 8% say Happy Hogan

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