Deadpool 2 Weekend Opening Gross

Deadpool 2 estimated domestic gross $125,000,000 for weekend with $301,336,221 total worldwide. With a Production Budget: $110 million it is well on its way to making Fox a big profit. Final numbers still to be tallied but people are going to the theater to see the Merc with a mouth Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds in great numbers. With Avengers Infinity Wars still in theaters, it is amazing.

If the numbers are true the sequel to the first movie Deadpool is close to matching the opening of $132,434,639 on the weekend of February 12, 2016. This adult-oriented “R” movie has made this kind of “Why so serious” superhero movie popular. With numbers like this, you can bet that Disney will find a place for more of Deadpool portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in their deal with the Fox acquisition if it goes through.

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