Dan Slott and Galactus In His Silver Surfer

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The Companion

Recently, Galactus was wrecking havoc in the Ultimate Marvel universe under the guiding pen of Josh Fialkov in The Hunger, but it sounds as if the Devourer of Worlds will return to the 616 in time for Dan Slott’s new Silver Surfer ongoing. Comic Vine caught up with Dan Slott at last weekend’s NYCC and asked the writer about the new series. Some new tidbits not previously mentioned include news about Galactus.

“You can’t do a Surfer book without Galactus. When we get to the Galactus story you’ll see why,” Slott offered. “The Galactus story is going to be very powerful. When Galactus shows up in the book, what it’s going to mean…”

Slott then switched gears and offered the following about the tone of the book.
“Being the Silver Surfer. Being Norrin Rad. Being on this adventure, it’s going to work on two levels. It’s going to be about him exploring the universe, but it’s also going to be about him re-exploring his humanity,” Slott said.

Check out more from Dan Slott talking the Silver Surfer in the video below.

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