Cable and X-Force from Marvel NOW!

Cable & X-Force

Media Release: When you’re a team charged with protecting a world that fears and hates you, there will, of course, be occasional differences of opinions on how to best do your job. Cable, Marvel Comics’ time-traveling mutant soldier from the future, believed he could best defend the planet by putting together a more aggressive mutant team. To that end, he founded the proactive, militant, mutant hero group known as X-Force.

Over the years, there have been multiple incarnations of the team, with the last two having no ties to the original’s founder at all. During this time, Cable was busy with other business, like protecting his adopted daughter, the mutant messiah Hope, from real threats like the X-Man known as Bishop, who believed her to be evil, and perceived ones, like the Avengers.

Cable’s belief that the Avengers posed a genuine danger to Hope led him to target Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for elimination. The ensuing conflict escalated out of control, resulting in Cable in a comatose state.

This December, the militant mutant awakens and goes on the run with the latest incarnation of the team he founded when writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Salvador Larroca expand the Marvel NOW! initiative with the launch of the new ongoing series, “Cable & X-Force.”

Salva’s embracing everything that was cool about that over-the-top 90’s X-Force aesthetic, but he’s given it all a modern swagger. And wait till you see the TECH in this book. This isn’t the sleek and stylish Stark Tech he’s been drawing over in “Invincible Iron Man.” It’s more like the kind of crazy robotics and guns you might build from spare parts in a post-apocalyptic alien junkyard. Salva’s a beast.

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