Suicide Squad May Be Ben Affleck’s Last Appearance As Batman

From DC Comics News:
With the commercial disappointment that was Justice League, the future of the Flashpoint movie is in limbo and it was recently revealed in Variety that Ben Affleck will NOT be in Matt Reeves Batman film.

So how will Ben Affleck leave the role of Batman? According to Batman on Film, it may be in the upcoming Suicide Squad 2, a film that is definitely happening. It does make sense seeing as how Ben Affleck has worked with director Gavin O’Connor (Director for Suicide Squad 2) before on The Accountant. It’s all just speculation at this point so stay tuned for future revelations.

One Thought to “Suicide Squad May Be Ben Affleck’s Last Appearance As Batman”

  1. Well, there goes the last redeeming quality of DC

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