Avengers Vs X-Men 12 Review

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Avengers Vs. X-men.  Wow, I mean really WOW!!!  I have read comments on blogs where people are disappointed with the story line… I do not understand.  This is one of the finest Crossover stories in Marvel in the last 10 years and it rectifies some serious wrongs done previously in the Marvel universe, which caused me to quit reading comics for a while.  It is extremely hard to please everyone all the time, so I will give the naysayers their moment and opinion.


Okay, times up.  The precision and creativity of this story outweigh its flaws.  First, let me say issue 12 was my favorite.  The story was so compelling and engrossing it drew me in completely by the second page.  As I read on, I could hear the voices of the characters speaking the words in every scene as if I were watching an “Avengers versus X-men” movie. (Man, Marvel/Disney needs to get it properties away from Fox.)  This story has been a summer blockbuster in the making.  From the first moment, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and CC Celbuski talked about this and the changes that would come from it I was intrigued. 

“SPOILER ALERT” If you have not been reading this story the next words will be shocking.  I never expected Charles Xavier to be the causality of this war for the planets survival.  I am happy to see the integration of the Marvel universe and I am glad this is not a complete universe restart, like last summer’s Flashpoint from DC.  It feels like an opportunity to grow Marvel to clean up mess all the previous mega crossover events have made.  I loved it and I am happy it is over.  With that being said, the only disappointment I had with the story was Cable or the lack thereof.  If he has no techno, organic virus wouldn’t he be the most powerful telepath/telekinetic on the planet.  I know Jeff Loeb’s Avengers X-sanction infers he went back in the future on the last page of issue 4, but I think it was a big stretch.   Cable was to big part of Hope’s life to be not a part of this story.   I am done with my complaint.   I hope for the next few years mega crossovers take a break and let the fan base build on the new comic stories of coming out of this big event.

Here is a link to the Marvel Now site http://marvel.com/marvelnow

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2 Thoughts to “Avengers Vs X-Men 12 Review”

  1. Travis

    a Quick update to my above story…

    CBR Exclusive last Thursday http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=41237&KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=600&width=800 shows that cable will show up again in AVX consequeses then the new ongoing series Cable and X-Force. Welcome back Nathan Christopher Summers.


  2. Bruce

    Travis sounds like you like Cable, wonder how he feels about what his Dad (Cyclops) did with the power of the Phoenix. Guess we will find out soon. Something no one is asking, was that really Jean Grey coming to Cyclops just before he lost the power of Phoenix?

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