Duel Cover
Duel Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #789 will bring Peter Parker into “Marvel Legacy” by sending him back to his roots at The Daily Bugle – but it looks like he may have to lose everything to get there. Amazing Spider-Man’s “Marvel Legacy” arc – ominously titled “The Fall of Parker” – will find Peter returning to the newspaper in an unknown capacity after the collapse of Parker Industries.

“This is a Peter Parker who’s had it all, lost it all, and now has to find his place in the world again,” writer Dan Slott told Entertainment Weeky. “It’s a return to the scrappy underdog status that’s the Peter Parker we all know and love. We’re going to see a return to form, with old friends coming back onto the stage, some in all-new ways. It’s all been leading to this – from ‘Big Time,’ to Superior, through Spider-Verse, and the Parker Industries era. It’s been a crazy ride, but now that we’re here, we’re going to get a Peter/Spider-Man that’s closer to a core Spidey than we’ve had in years. Everything counts. Payoffs for longtime readers are coming, but the Marvel Legacy of it all will also make this a great jump on point for new readers – or people who’ve just discovered Spider-Man in Homecoming.”

Slott will write “The Fall of Parker” with continuing artist Stuart Immonen. As for what role Peter will play at The Daily Bugle, Slott’s keeping mum for now.

Credit: Alex Ross
Credit: Alex Ross

“In Amazing Spider-Man we’re going to see The Daily Bugle and the Bugle cast come back in a big way. And, no, it is not about Peter becoming a photographer again,” Slott explained. “It’s a new twist. It’s something we haven’t seen in Amazing Spider-Man yet. After 55 years, that’s a pretty cool trick, right? And it’s a development I’ve been dying to get to for a long time!”

Slott is also already looking ahead to what’s next – a big milestone for Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #800.

“Amazing Spider-Man #1 kicked off in 1963. This book has been charting Peter Parker’s destiny all that time, and the countdown to Amazing Spider-Man #800 is starting now. The ride from here on out is going to be epic! And the payoff is going to be huge!”

Amazing Spider-Man #789 is expected out on shelves this fall. By George Marston

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