All-New X-Men (2012) #1 Review

All New X-Men

Marvel Now! The five original X-Men have been plucked from yesteryear and sent to the present. How will they deal with the current state of Xavier’s dream, and how will today’s X-Men cope with facing their former selves? That’s right Cyclops, Marvel Girl,  Angel, Ice Man, and the Beast come to the present day Marvel Universe to meet and reason with the present day X-Men and their leader (Cyclops) Scott Summers. That is a mutated Hank McCoy (Beast) from the present day Marvel Universe goes back in time to get the original Cyclops to talk to the present day Cyclops. Why because Hank thinks that the Scott Summers of today has lost the vision of the X-Men founder Professor Xavier so he thinks that the Scott from the past can remind him what being an X-Men is all about.

I can think of no one like Brian Michael Bendis to write a story that brings the old X-Men the way they were when Stan Lee and the boys introduced them in the 60’s and bring the same feel to the X-Men of today. I know it will be entertaining and a good story and will go a long way to heal the woulds of the death of Professor Xavier at the hands of the Phoenix possessed Cyclops. The current body of X-Men and Scott need to realize they can help mutantkind and mankind live together peacefully. I am sure the story will develop toward a resolution to the threat of Civil War within the mutant world. It must with the population of mutants growing.

Stuart Immonen, and Wade von Grawbadger art is amazing and complements the story by Bendis. Stuart Immonen’s pencils and facial expressions really help catch the mood of the character and help make it enjoyable to read. I really look forward to a good story arc helping to mold the X-Men into what they need to be in the Marvel Universe. What will the original X-Men retain from this visit. How will they react when they learn of the death of Xavier and Jean Grey. The young Hank in this issue already knows he will have more changes and transformations ahead by the visit of his future self. Perhaps they will loose the memory of their visit to the future somehow. Many question await to be answered in this story. This is a recommendation of mine to read this different story about the past and future X-Men. Don’t miss it in 2 week issue #2 comes to a comic shop near you. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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