Who are the Spider-Men Coming in June? Marvel

On the Marvel web site to today a new teaser for the Spider-Men comic book coming out it leaves us who comment on comics to speculate who the Spider-Men are. Well we know that there are two persons that call themselves Spider-Man, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man), and we know there is Kaine who is a Peter Parker clone and has his own title Scarlet Spider. There is also Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara) a character created by Peter David and illustrated by Rick Leonardi in 1992 who met Peter Parker in a 1995 one shot comic book. And later in Timestorm 2009–2099 a four-issue mini-series Peter Parker meets a different version of Spider-Man 2099 when he goes to the future in a story written by Brian Reed. Are any of these past characters that called themselves Spider-Man in Spider-Men or some one else?

A while back we saw a teaser for Spider-Men featuring the logos of both Miles Morales and Peter Parker, but that leads us to a problem in the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker is dead. Death does not seem to be a big obstacle to overcome for comic book writers so that is a possibility, is Peter Parker coming back in the Ultimate Universe? The Amazing Spider-Man story arc ‘Ends of the Earth’ will be ending in May perhaps it has something to do with the introduction of Spider-Men in June. Also the blockbuster series Avengers vs X-Men will be about halfway done in June also written by Brian Michael Bendis, there may be a tie in the story introducing Spider-Men. Bendis and Marvel are not giving other clues except the statement Spider-Men Coming in June Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli prepare to make history.

What is a historical event in Marvel. It would be historical if Miles Morales (New Ultimate Spider-Man) and Peter Parker (Original Spider-Man) would meet. Perhaps there is a merging of Universes original Marvel with Ultimate Marvel. Now that would be historical and open the endless possibilities for new stories. A new Marvel from the ashes of the old Marvel Universes, sounds like the legend of the Phoenix. I know one can only imagine. There is a lot going on in Marvel and with the up coming New 52 of DC Comics I would not be surprised. In the present day of comic book stories and major series what would be a historical Marvel event? I guess Bendis knows and a few others at Marvel. We are only to guess and speculate. Possibly you have an idea who the Spider-Men are coming to Marvel. Please comment at Comics Talk. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt


Spider-Men June 2012

This June – history will be made for the Marvel Universe.


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