Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #9 Review

The Ultimates 9

Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic and Dean White have produced one of the best comics at Marvel. With no continuity concerns, it’s been a comic where anything can happen and does with every issue out doing the other in surprises. Imagine Jonathan Hickman with his writing skills allowed to reshape the Ultimate Universe bringing forces more powerful that all the super-powered heroes combined. More powerful than all the nuclear might of the United States. Creating a race of people that have the power to destroy all there is and children of tomorrow led by the unscrupulous former leader of the Fantastic Four Reed Richards bent on retaliation against the United States.

Shield and the super-powered community seem to have no power to stop what is coming. Thor is de-powered and the Asgardians are destroyed. Is there hope that mankind as we know it will survive. Why aren’t you reading this no holds barred story arc? What will happen next? You must read #10 when it hits the comics stores and digital market, but first get you hands on the first 9 comics in the Ultimate Comics: Ultimates if you can find them. Jump on board and enjoy great story and art. I know there is a lot happening in the superhero world of comics but don’t miss out on this series. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt


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