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Chris Hemsworth as Thor

I just reviewed the movie Thor and was impressed with the story and technical content. I watched in 3D while I always have problems getting the 3D glasses just right because of my prescription glasses the picture was sharp and very well done, quality 3D effects. The movie had a lot to say and the 2 hours was used well. Asgard was done beautifully, truly a place of the Gods.  [Spoilers Ahead]

The relationship between Jane Foster and Thor was very touching. It began with Thor as an arrogant castaway God lording it over everyone to a humbled Thor very fond of this earth woman. Thor ended a changed person one that appreciates others.

Thor and Jane

Before his demotion to earth, Thor decides it’s time to put the hammer to good use. Defying Odin’s orders, he, his brother Loki and a handful of his best buds gallop across the Rainbow Bridge, get zapped into space and barge into the frost giants’ chilly kingdom. It almost goes without saying that Odin’s none too pleased with Thor’s willful disobedience. He was actually on the brink of crowning the boy king before this whole giant fiasco began. Now Odin wonders if perhaps his plan was too hasty. So the father calls the son a “vain, greedy, cruel boy”—and the son shoots right back with, “You are an old man and a fool!”

Well. Odin’s had just about enough of that kind of talk. Hoping to teach Thor a lesson, he banishes him to Earth, sending the hammer along for the ride. The catch: Thor’s just an ordinary guy down here, and his nifty hammer’s frozen in rock—a sort of “sword in the stone” trope to ensure that no one, not even Odin’s No. 1 son, will use the thing until he’s good and worthy.

Earth proves to be a good boot camp for Thor. Stripped of his titles, prestige and nifty hammer, the guy learns about humility. When he’s told that his father died from sorrow (a lie), Thor grows familiar with loss and regret, critical components to developing a new appreciation for what it means to be both a king and a son. And when a fearsome monster (The Destroyer) threatens his new human friends and begins to ravage the tiny New Mexico town, he discovers a spirit of sacrifice and offers his life for his friends. This leads to him being worthy again to Be Thor and his power is restored.

The Destroyer

It is really a feel good movie that leads well into the new Avengers movie coming in 2012. Even thought the rainbow bridge was destroyed in the last battle with Loki I am sure they will work out that detail for Thor’s return to earth (Midgard). Well worth the admission I give it 4 out of five stars. See it now if you have not yet. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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  1. My Movie Review: Thor was a good movie, visually one of.the best I ever seen. Story line ok

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