The Hobbit – Behind the Scenes — Radagast the Brown Video

The Hobbit is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray, but some new featurettes and other bonus features are finding their way online to help promote the release. Yahoo Movies UK got their hands on a very entertaining feature on how Peter Jackson and his crew made the crazy and wonderful Radagast the Brown come to life. Well, they did a lot of work but it was Sylvester McCoy who fully brought the character to life and stole several scenes. In the video you can see everything from the design process for the character’s look to his wild house. His Eco-friendly pad started to take form when he dropped an acorn. If you don’t find Sylvester McCoy absolutely charming by the end of it, there is something wrong with you. What do you think? Have you picked up The Hobbit yet?

The Hobbit Extended
The Hobbit Extended

On November the 5th The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) will be in stores.

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