The Greatest Comics of the 21st Century

Life is never simple for the comics book writer and artist and editor. To keep the readers interest in story and blend it with great art work and story panels and edit it so it is not too long and not too short with the right story content this is not easily done. So when you read and say to yourself that was good you must understand and appreciate how the final comic came to be in your hands. Sometimes the story is great but the art is bad or the art is great and the story is weak. But when you have great story and great art work plus great cover art it really grabs your interest and becomes something special.

The 20th century had some examples of art and story that are as classics and great comics. But now we are in a new century with bigger ideas and great artist and writers. Some of the comics of this century have reached greatness in every way you measure greatest. Central City Comics DB Blog and Comics Talk have joined together to bring you The Greatest Comics of the 21st Century. It is the tribute to good work in the comic industry. We honor great comics and writers and artist. In it’s early development we are accepting opinions of your favorite comic of the 21st century just enter your title and issue or series in the contact form provided. Check it out give us your opinion or comments be part of the tribute to The Greatest Comics of the 21st Century at See you on the World Wide Web. 🙂 Walt

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