Superman Reboot Coming Soon!

In October 2010 we were told that Zach Snyder has been tapped to direct the upcoming Superman Man Of Steel movie that Christopher Nolan from the Dark knight is producing and David Goyer is writing. Snyder, who directed “300” and “Watchmen,” had been on the list of helmers ensconced in meetings with Nolan and Warners execs, who in recent weeks have talked to Darren Aronofsky, Ben Affleck, Matt Reeves and Tony Scott.


Nolan, who revived Batman, is teaming up with David Goyer for a new a way to revive the last son of Krypton. Despite grossing $200 million domestically, 2006’s “Superman Returns” was considered a disappointment. It never really took off like the studio expected. Warner Bros wants to be in production on a Man of Steel Movie before it potentially loses copyrights to the heirs of creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Seigel. (That litigation is pending.) DC Comic fans are clamoring for a good Superman story. Superman Man of Steel is a complete reboot and will ignore the events of the first movie which was directed by Bryan Singer and in my view was really very weak in new material and a poor story.

That said, recently from THR comes word that the villain will not be original but rather a familiar face from Superman 2. General Zod will reportedly return as the villain for Zach Snyders Superman Man of Steel movie. Deja vu it is happening again, of all the great stories about Superman they want to re do Superman 2.  I hope David Goyer (the writer) has some interesting angles to the many characters in Superman lore. Maybe I am wrong it might be very good. In talking to Nolan, Snyder said “I definitely expressed my love for the character and interest in seeing him treated right.” He added: “The character deserves to be loved. It’s his time.” The director said he and the movie’s makers would work on the script a little bit before jumping to the next stage.”We’re moving quick,” he said. Maybe we have hope for good movie after all.

General Zod

Superman is beloved and appreciated by many fans and readers. They want the character treated with respect as the first great Super Hero. Truth, Justice, and the American way is what he fought about for many years. Any rendition of Superman must relay the heart of the hero we all love. Someone who may have failures but never gives up. The greatest super hero of our time. May he find a place in the 21st century. Maybe soon I will see you at a new good Superman Movie. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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