Superman and Lois Premier Against Spider-Man Reveal

The Superman and Lois Premier was well received with viewers last night hitting over 70k tweets on Twitter if that means anything. Amazingly that was contrasted by the release of the new title of Spider-Man 3 on the same day which was trending with Marvel’s “big” reveal of “No Way Home,” which is trending with 50k tweets, also on Twitter.

I am glad to see the friendly competition between companies and want to share how Jim Lee responded to the premiere of the Superman show and the competition with Spider-Man. He implies that Stan Lee got his quote “with great power comes great responsibility,” inspiration from Superman.

In the tweet below it reads. ” Allow me to enlighten you so you can praise Superman & Lois guilt-free 😊 Here’s a clip from the 1948 film serial of Superman. Yes, Stan made the phrase I quoted popularly but this summation of Superman predates Spider-Man by 14 years.

But Al Herrera Tweeted Totally on board and going to sing the praises of Superman & Lois until Jim Lee said “there’s a famous saying “With great power comes great responsibility,” and that sums up Superman.” See his Tweet below.

All things considered, it was an interesting evening with winners on both sides. Superman and Lois were big winners. The early numbers are in for Superman & Lois as the ratings are sky-high for both the 90-minute premiere episode and the 30-minute special that followed.

Superman and Lois

According to the preliminary numbers, 1.708 million people tuned in for the premiere, with the episode scoring a .3 rating among the advertiser-coveted 18-49 crowd.

The special saw the same .3 rating with 1.5 million viewers. And that does not include those who will watch on the CW app today.

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  1. KaptainKrypton

    Watched the pilot last night. Aside from leaning into mental health PSA’s with the annoying whiny son it was a decent show. I was actually very surprised that they’d make a show like this. Also, the FX were a definite cut above usual CW fare. I might actually give this a shot.

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