Superior The Movie Mark Millar’s Creation


Mark Millar is one of the successful writers for modern comics with some pretty big titles for both DC, Marvel and now with his publishing of Superior in Marvel’s Icon label, Superior is Millar’s most recent creator owned series and has already become one of his most popular with fans.

Superior is about a boy called Simon who is wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis. Simon is given a magical wish from a space monkey and because he is a fan of super heroes he is transformed into his comic book hero Superior.

Superior has similarity to Shazam’s (Captain Marvel) and Superman. The difference being Bill Batson the alter ego of Captain Marvel was healthy and Simon is crippled. Also both have to deal with the lack of experience in life situations and the simple out look of a young person in solving problems. With the delays from Warner Brothers Studios in producing the next Superman movie this could be the opportunity to become the #1 favorite caped super hero, or at least draw a lot of attention to the character both on the big screen and in comics. Mark Millar’s inspiration for “Superior” came from Christopher Reeve’s life and death.

Mark Millar has also recently said he has one of the high profile actors of 2010 to play Superior in the movie but who it is wont be released till January. We will report on the progress of this movie with interest. Stay right here for the latest in comic news and fun. Let us know what you think about Superior coming to the movies. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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