Supergirl in Justice League Movie?

Tessa Bonham Jones

There have been several articles and YouTube videos about the possibility of Tessa Bonham Jones playing Supergirl in the upcoming Justice league on November 17th. They went to great lengths to scoop WB in what was strictly a guess based on the cast listing of Justice League on Here is a look at the list. She is listed as a “Young Girl” below in the page. (Click To Enlarge)

As much as I would like for this to be true it is not, Tessa Bonham Jones herself came out on Twitter and said she is not playing Supergirl. She said she would love to play her and is a great fan but she is not suiting up as Supergirl. We really try to stay away from rumors here at Comics Talk and will only share things that are certain or very likely to happen. Yes I know Jason Mamoa denied playing Aquaman at one time but that is Jason the kidder.


Jones seems like a nice girl and wants to advance in the cinema so I don’t think she is made that way. We may have some surprises in Justice League I hope, and Supergirl would be a great one. We shall see what Warner Bros, Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon has up their sleeves in the release of Justice League. See it on November 17 at your favorite theater. 🙂 Walt

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