STAR TREK MOVIE Sequel’s Khan Story?

Star Trek 2

From Albert Ching media release: Variety reported on Friday that Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro is director J.J. Abrams’ choice for the villain of the much-anticipated Star Trek sequel. The trade magazine says that Del Toro has met with Abrams about the part, which is currently being kept a secret — perhaps, even to Del Toro. Now, the natural speculation is that the role wouldn’t be kept a secret unless it was someone that fans would identify — with the obvious implication being Khan Noonien Singh, previously portrayed by the late Ricardo Montalban and one of the most recognizable Star Trek foes thanks to 1982′s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (the second film in that franchise). If true, this would make good on our two-and-a-half-year-old request to make Khan the villain of the Abrams-helmed sequel. Of course, there’s every chance that Del Toro is being targeted to play someone else from the Star Trek mythos or an entirely new character, so feel free to speculate as wildly as you feel is apt. Odds are the details of this situation will shake out sooner rather than later — the sequel is expected to start production early next year.

Paramount has yet to pick a new release date for the Star Trek sequel which should start shooting in January 2012. TrekMovie sources indicate that a decision has not been made and that it is in the hands of Paramount. The Star Trek team are ready for either of the choices on the table: holiday 2012 or summer 2013. I am sure that they will pick a date that gives the most bang for their buck. Look forward to seeing this re adaptation of the early Star Trek stories. We get to relive the adventures again for those who were there and for those who were not it will be a wonderful first time experience.  See you at the movies, stay tuned movie faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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  1. Well I just read the rumor to scratch the idea of a Khan story with the story about the Trebles and Kingons. Just shows you we just don’t know at this time.

  2. Bruce

    Now that is a movie I would like to see.

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