Titans: Introduce Donna Troy

I have been watching DC Universe’s Titans and found it an intreging program. While the core Titans team may consist of Dick Grayson’s Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy, the show has introduced many other heroes into the ongoing story, both as allies and adversaries. Already we’ve seen Hawk and Dove, the Doom Patrol and Jason Todd, and on November 30, we’ll be introduced to the newest—Donna Troy.

Donna Troy is played by The Man in the High Castle’s Conor Leslie. Donna Troy—who fans likely know as the Teen Titans’ original Wonder Girl—is an intriguing character for the show to introduce because unlike the other superheroes who have made guest appearances, Wonder Girl is traditionally a member of the team. We’ll have to wait and see what Titans has in store for her when she makes her debut, in an episode appropriately titled “Donna Troy.” Enjoy this first look pictures taken from dccomics.com website.

Titans Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland

Titans Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland / ©2018 Warner Bros.

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