Spider-man Homecoming: First 4 Minute Movie Clip

Marvel & Sony
Marvel & Sony

Spider-man Homecoming: First 4 Minute Movie Clip (2017) Tom Holland Superhero Movie HD

The most anticipated movie of 2017 and possibly the decade has to be Spider-Man Homecoming. Spider-Man the iconic character is back with Marvel the company that gave birth to the hero in the sixties and has framed a movie for the next century and beyond.

Being bitten by a radioactive spider has complicated Peter Parker’s life and introduced a high school student and nerd to the super hero world and the nasty people called villains. Tony Stark is there to help and guide Parker to greater things but he is still trying to prove he is worthy to be called superhero.

Don’t miss the premier of Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming July 7,2017. See you there or be square. 🙂 Walt

Excepts from A fan’s Guide to Spider-Man Homecoming.

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