Silver Surfer 3 Review

Silver Surfer 3

The new Silver Surfer comic is about exploration and embracing the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer as seen by through the eyes of Norrin Radd and the earth woman Dawn Greenwood who was kidnapped by aliens and placed on the Impererion to insure the Silver Surfers services.

Issue #3 wraps up Slott’s opening arc as Surfer and his new partner Dawn battle to save the Never Queen and evacuate the Impericon. Dawn Greenwood becomes very resourceful and frees herself and helps the Silver Surfer save the Never Queen’s life. The story is intriguing how the relationship between Norrin and Dawn Greenwood is developing. She seems to challenge the Silver Surfer to see life in a different way. Her interaction with Norrin as the Silver Surfer will be very interesting as they explore the universe and she makes Norrin see reality through her eyes. Dan Slott is writing about the limits of the Marvel Universe, it will be interesting to see where he is going.

Mike and Laura Allred really tie this book together visually, the art work really complements the story. Simple art to tell a grand story and portray the emotions of all the characters so we understand what they we feeling. The chemistry so far between writer and artist is outstanding. Recommend you get all the issues and catch up because I think this will just get better as we go farther into the limits of the Marvel universe. Check it out for your self and share your thoughts. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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