Should DC Films Release the Snyder Cut for Justice League?

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Today Ian Cardona with CBR Exclusives published an article titled “It’s Time for Warner Bros. to Release Snyder’s Justice League Cut”. I read the article and was amazed that there are people that still bring this subject up six months after the worst-performing film in DC Films history. With all the Joss Whedon reshoots and the cost of the original shooting at 250 to 300 million American Dollars, why would the studio decide to release Zack Snyder’s version of the movie?

The total fan reception to Justice League was ultimately disappointing. The Warner Bros. executives were unhappy with the bleak direction of Zack Snyder’s cut and micro-managed it to make it a more lighthearted experience. Then they released a film with very bad special effects making people make fun of the CGI upper lip of Superman and the cheesy look of Steppenwolf the villain of the movie. All this resulted in a movie which was critically and financially a failure so why would WB put more money on a new release of the movie.

Cardona writes in the article that Warner Bros. Has Nothing to Lose, and everything to Gain by Releasing the Snyder Cut. I disagree with the CBR writer “enough is enough”. Snyder had his chance directing 3 movies and the box office has spoken. While Zack Snyder is often called a “visionary” director his narrative and storytelling is a weakness. He is a great idea man but should stay away from dialogue and plot points like Batman’s revelation that Superman’s earthly mother is named Martha.

Walter Hamada the new head of Warner Bros.’ DC Entertainment has a job to get people to forget the Zack Snyder with his vision of the DCEU. They need quality movies made without making big promises at a much slower production schedule so they can get it right and win back superhero fans. Make us care about these heroes. Tell us what makes them special other than they have superpowers. Give us a compelling story that will make us want more. I can’t believe that there are not talented filmmakers out there that can make it happen.

The DCEU is not dead but we are still waiting for the WB creators of movies to put a few good films together to bred success in the box office and with the critics. Let the Snyder cut Justice League fade away from memory when we see the new movies by DC Films. While I don’t have a lot of faith in the critics to get it right the moviegoers are the reason films are made for their enjoyment. See you are the movies. 🙂 Walt

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  1. I was just going to say that very same thing. As extensive as the reshoots were, making that footage (if it even exists) complete would take what…$20 million? $30? $40? I don’t see WB spending that kind of money to appease a small group of fans, especially when the new honchos in charge of the DC movies have all but (rightly) said the Snyder versions of these characters weren’t working. Plus, it only made about $35 million on home video. That’s not a sound investment for a double dip.

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