Shazam Movie Opens Well Over Weekend

The state of superhero movies is strong with interest in the genre in all walks of life. The movie Shazam opened with a 56 Million weekend domestically with almost 159 Million worldwide. The film works for younger audiences and older both and is a sign that the DC Films plan to make movies that are not dependant on a connected universe but stand on their own as a single character building movie is working.

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Critics and fans agree the last two movies Aquaman and now Shazam are good movies and encourage the viewers that more good stuff is coming from the DC Universe. With the release of Wonder woman 84 next year, there is a good chance to change the opinions of moviegoers that Warner Bros. superhero movies can be good.

Saw the movie myself and enjoyed the experience. Thought the movie would be too silly and cheesy for me but was pleasantly surprised that it was a movie on the lighter side with a lot of heart. Will give a full review in a couple of days but I highly recommend the movie.

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