Scarlet Spider is Back from Marvel

Kaine vs Spider-Man

The first Scarlet Spider was a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal, (Miles Warren). He assumed the alias Ben Reilly, a combination of his Uncle’s first name and his Aunt’s maiden name. When his name was smeared by a second, evil Scarlet Spider, he assumed the identity of Spider-Man, until his death at the hands of Norman Osborn. His body subsequently disintegrated, proving once and for all that he was the clone.

An undercover FBI agent Joe Wade is the second Scarlet Spider. Joe becomes a real mechanized Scarlet Spider with amazing spider like powers. Because of this mechanized process Joe is unable to stop himself from committing acts of violence. It takes both Ben Reilly (in the guise of Spider-Man) and the New Warriors to stop the cybernetic Scarlet Spider, and the FBI put him in custody and have him undergo medical treatments to remove the technology.

Scarlet Spiders are a group of three unknown people of the Initiative who identify themselves as “Red Team” on the field, first appearing in Avengers: The Initiative #3. All three of them wear an advanced version of the ‘Iron Spider’ Stark armor which Spider-Man wore pre-Civil War and during the event.

Finally there is Kaine who serves as both an ally and an enemy of Spider-Man. He first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #119, and is the Jackal’s first failed attempt at cloning Peter Parker. The character was created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler. Kaine is the Jackal’s first temporary success at cloning Peter Parker but, due to the flawed cloning process is left deformed and mentally unstable. But recently things have changed for Kaine.

Scarlet Spider #1

In the Spider Island incident Kaine becomes infected by the “Spider-Virus” and is under the control of the Queen who sends Kaine to Horizon Labs, to tamper with a cure being developed there. This culminates in a battle with Peter Parker, after which he’s forcefully submerged in the pool of highly concentrated cure. Kaine re-emerges, his mind-link with the Queen broken, a fully healed clone of Peter Parker. Having retained his spider powers he then helps Peter and the other heroes defeat the Queen. After this he meets again with Peter and tells him that he is leaving New York.

It was revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #673 as well as the Marvel “Point One” one shot that Kaine will be the new Scarlet Spider in his own ongoing series. Chris Yost is set to write the comics while Ryan Stegman is going to be drawing Kaine. According to Click Here, Kaine will go to Houston as a fugitive to hide from his past crimes. Supporting cast will include Aracely (a 16 year old girl whose life he saved) and Annabelle (a bartender/singer working at the Four Seasons Hotel). The superhero group known as the Rangers will make an appearance. Kaine, as the Scarlet Spider, will go up against threats varying from general crime to super villains, monsters to corporations, and finally himself. Kaine has made an appearance in the comic book Point One and will debut in his own series as Scarlet Spider in January.

It is interesting that Kaine is still dealing with mental issues. Before assuming a new alter ego and heading south to Houston, Kaine allows a therapist to evaluate him at the Psych Ward. Here is the letter of that evaluation Click Here to read. In the age of Big Event stories it will be nice to see a human interest story about the struggles of a man to find his identity as a hero and a person. I find this fascinating that a healed Spider-Man clone is again in the lime light with his own series. I think this will be worth checking out and you know me I will report back to you. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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