Ross, Krueger Dynamic “SUPERPOWERS!”

Superpowers 5
Superpowers 5

Dynamite Entertainment and Alex Ross unleash Project SUPERPOWERS as the “dynamite” launch of the year continues in our new flagship title! The Saga continues as we focus this issue on The Arrow and The Target! In New Shagri-La, the Black Terror leaves his companions and strikes out across the world as more and more heroes are appearing broken free from the power of the Urn! The Terror isn’t the only one on the hunt though as Dynamic Family seek the heroes for their own means!

This powerful series is overseen by Alex Ross along with writer Jim Krueger and artist Carlos Paul and is the most powerful comic book event of the year! Plus, each issue of the series features original character design art from Alex Ross himself! Series now extended to 7 issues for the launch of the Project SUPERPOWERS from Dynamite!

The project, described by Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci as “being in development for the last three years,” has now been released and marks the return of a host of classic Golden Age heroes and villains, all under the creative and artistic direction of Ross and writer Jim Krueger. Many of the featured characters have not been seen in many years, they have been brought back from obscurity. They have all have been drawn and designed by Alex Ross, including Fighting Yank, Green Lama, The Death Defying ‘Devil, the Black Terror, Masquerade, The Flame, Mister Face, Samson, The Scarab, The Owl, the Claw, Pyroman, the Arrow, the American Spirit, the Crusaders, the F-Troop and more.

Somehow in the comic world both DC and Marvel have left the creative world and keep doing the same thing over and over to their heroes. How many times can you kill and resurrect, have a universal crisis, a world war, the redefining of a character. Jim Krueger and Alex Ross have made “Project Superpowers” a new exciting look at some old classic heroes with a modern look at the heart of a hero and the depth of evil. A good read so far, art and story is outstanding and shows the proper respect for these super heroes. DC and Marvel should treat the heroes with the dignity that is shown by Ross and Krueger within these pages. Superpowers #0 is only a buck see if your retailer has a copy or go to the Dynamite Entertainment site and buy. Let me know what you think. Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE, 🙂 Walt

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