Robb Pratt’s Superman Classic Fan Film

Robb Pratt Superman Classic
Robb Pratt Superman Classic

Robb Pratt, an animator and storyboard artist for Disney projects like Pocahontas and Kim Possible, says he was inspired by the music of the live-action Superman serial of the ’40s, but with the outrageous design for Lois and the giant robots, it feels more to me like a modern update of Max Fleischer’s great 1940s Superman cartoons. Rob Pratt’s Superman Classic is the best of fan films. The quality speaks for itself. My only complaint is they are too short, would like to see what he could do in longer versions. You can see his work Here.

Below is the You Tube videos featuring Giant Robots, Lois Lane and Bizarro. If you like what you see tell him to make more. We are on the look for good stuff in the comic world at Comics Talk, stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

Robb Pratt

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