“One on One” Superman Short Film

Check out a cool Superman short film above with One On One.

The film was actually posted a few years ago to YouTube, back in 2012, about a year prior to Man of Steel.

It’s a really touching portrayal of Clark Kent and Superman done by Jake Thomas who obviously gets what being a super man is all about.

Nicely done.

One on One stars Erin Brown and John Nagle.

Described as:

Is it possible to believe in Superman and what he stands for, or is he mere child’s fantasy? “One on One,” the new fan film from director Jake Thomas, is a brilliant iteration of an ageless icon, a superhero film unlike any other.

Sarah, a runaway fourteen year-old in the city of Metropolis, encounters a persistent newspaper reporter named Clark Kent who won’t leave her alone until she agrees to an interview for his newspaper column. Ten questions — that’s all he asks. In their moments together, the fragments of her tragic life emerge, but her anger towards superheroes and Superman himself explodes in full force. If he is so great and so powerful, why is the world such a horrible place? Why doesn’t he do something about it? Does he even exist? In the end, the two realize that even when there are no easy answers, it’s possible to “look up in the sky” with hopeful eyes.

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