New Justice League Trailer Is Here

The very anticipated DC movie is a little more than a month away so a new trailer dropped this morning with new scenes and a view of Superman we have not seen. Lois lane is it a dream or real of Clark Kent and how does he make his appearance? It is understood he is coming back this Kryptonian but how, it is still not clear yet. DC Entertainment does not have a Doomsday moment like with Batman v Superman where they take away all the surprises in the trailer. On November 17th 2017 we will find out all in the theater with the purchase of a ticket. Justice is Served. See you there. 🙂 Walt

2 Thoughts to “New Justice League Trailer Is Here”

  1. Paul Rybitskyi

    The letters on the building in the trailer that Batman shoots stand for “Hotel Polissya” (or “Готель Полісся”, in Ukrainian). It has been reported that the final battle happens in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine, which the aforementioned hotel is situated in. Anyways, greetings from Ukraine.

  2. Walt

    Thanks for visiting us from Ukraine and thanks for the clarification

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