New DC FILMS Vice President and List of Future Films

Chantal Nong has been named DC Films’ Vice-President of Production, working under the recently-named President Walter Hamada, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Nong has worked at Warner Bros. since 2011 and is overseeing the development of the Jason Stantham action film The Meg as well as Crazy Rich Asians. She also worked as an assistant to producer William Horberg on The Kite Runner and Synecdoche, New York.

As part of this promotion announcement, THR also outlined the order in which DC Films will be doing future projects. According to unnamed sources, following 2018’s Aquaman and 2019’s Shazam!, DC Films will then do Wonder Woman 2, followed by The Flash: Flashpoint and Batgirl.

2 Thoughts to “New DC FILMS Vice President and List of Future Films”

  1. Bruce

    Reboot anyone? Do you Think it is time?

    1. LouLong

      WB is sitting on properties other studios would kill for and they are screwing it up majorly. How does the first JL movie not break a billion?

      They need to completely cut any link to the Zack Snyderverse including shelving the Mountain Dew Extreme Aquaman movie.

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