Marvel Releases Final MIGHTY Teaser For Infinity

Media Release — From the battlefields of Infinity comes a new team to protect Earth! With the Avengers light-years away in space, contending with the Builders, and Thanos’ marauders ransacking the Earth, doing as they please – who will stand in defense of mankind? Who are the Mighty to stand the way of Thanos.

The Mighty
The Mighty

Marvel Comics has finalized the roster for the Mighty team coming from the Infinity event. The final roster includes Luke Cage, White Tiger, Spider-Man, Power Man, She-Hulk & Adam the Blue Marvel.

2 Thoughts to “Marvel Releases Final MIGHTY Teaser For Infinity”

  1. Mark S.

    Didn’t Marvel do the Mighty in a storyline Fear Itself evolving Thor and the end of the world couple years ago. Guess they use what ever works time and time again why do anything original.

  2. Annie Oakley

    So that is who those guys are.

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