“Man Of Steel” Title Sequence A Fan Made Video

Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel

A group of Superman super fans got together to pay tribute to one of their favorite comic book heroes in the form of an unofficial title sequence for Man of Steel. This video was not sanctioned by Warner Bros., but is a “passion project” for the creators, a team going by the name Will &Tale. Take a look below:

The Will & Tale blog explains their motivation for putting the piece together. “Like many fans, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Man Of Steel since it was announced a few years ago. Taking inspiration from diehard fans who created unofficial title sequences for films such as Adventures of Tintin and X-Men: First Class, we wanted to see how far we could go with this same idea. The result is a passion project – the culmination of many long nights and weekends over the past three months.”

I feel that Superman is a favorite of many fans and our hope is this is a great film that is coming on June 14th and we appreciate the effort of Will and Tale to tell a story about the Man Of Steel movie. If you are like me Superman is one character that the movie industry has never got just right. In truth Clark Kent is a simple man who was overwhelmed by his abilities and searching for the right way to help society on earth. I think this film shows that more than any previously. I hope that director Zack Snyder realizes he has a chance to set the table for a series of enjoyable films for a new generation of movie goers. Superman is iconic because he was the first attempt to set the world right by the action of a superhero. He has uplifted the hearts of many in story for 75 years and will be around for many years to come I hope as a hero of virtue and strength for good in the world. We will see you at the theater and stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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