Major Villain Makes Return to Marvel in Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange #384

LOKI: SORCERER SUPREME Part 4! Doctor Strange has acquired the biggest weapon he could imagine to finally take back his Sorcerer Supreme title from Loki. But will it be enough? The life of someone Stephen cares about lies in the balance, and where Loki goes, innocent life doesn’t always stay safe… SPOILERS!

For those of you who have not been reading Doctor Strange I ask why not? You remember a hero that was billed as the most powerful hero of the Marvel universe Sentry, well he is there and now as revealed in issue 384 so is the Void the evil version of Sentry. Looks like Loki who took over as Sorcerer Supreme from Doctor Strange has his hands full combating this creature that once killed him.

Now that Strange has let the Void out how will he control it and is it possible to put this evil Genie back in his bottle or the containment that the Doctor had him in? Looks like the Doctor is willing to take that chance to get his sanctum back and the position of Sorcerer Supreme. Also what of the Sentry will he get involved with the struggle? I suggest you pick up a copy of Doctor Strange #385 coming in February. Informing readers is our job. We at Comics Talk are asking you to come back for more. 🙂 Walt

One Thought to “Major Villain Makes Return to Marvel in Doctor Strange”

  1. Bruce

    Maybe they will use Sentry more in the future, he is a great character.

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