Logan Director Confirms He’s Working On X-23 Movie Script

Director James Mangold has confirmed he’s begun work on a script for an X-23 movie following the breakout performance of young actor Dafne Keen in the acclaimed Logan, but admits he may only be “dreaming” at the moment. However, the filmmaker believes that following the success of director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, audiences are more receptive to female protagonists on the screen.

“Patty’s success with [Wonder Woman] only solidifies more for studios that there’s less to fear with a female protagonist,” Mangold told The Hollywood Reporter. “The more that keeps getting hit home, that ends up giving me more space turning around and going, ‘Well, here we are with a female protagonist. That’s incredible. And what are we going to do with her?’ And that’s where we are with that [the Laura script] right now, dreaming.”

Logan‘s ending left room for an X-23 story as Laura fled to a Canadian sanctuary called Eden, along with other young mutants. Hugh Jackman’s Logan died in helping her escape the Reavers, so there’s potential to explore her taking up his mantle as she did in Marvel’s All-New Wolverine.

Critically acclaimed, Mangold’s Logan earned nearly $617 million worldwide.

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  1. WB

    They really want a Wolverine type character in Fox but they just need to get new actor

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