Joe Quesada Pens Open Letter on Social Media’s Impact on Comics

Joe Quesada is best known for his work at Marvel as editor of Marvel Knights, and later as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. Now he is Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment. Because Quesada has been a part of the comic book industry for over 20 years, I am interested in what he has to say about the social media and how it has evolved. Recently he wrote an open letter to those who use social media to criticize the comic industry. I have provided the full letter below.

As is part of the social media with our blog and social accounts I can relate to what he says. Although we can be emotional sharing our opinions about comic books and film it is great to hear different ideas about the comic world we all love while keeping in mind opinions are common to all human beings – everyone has one. While I would like some people that comment on things to learn some adjectives that aren’t sexual in nature or totally degrading to the subject or person at hand I respect their right to communicate their views.

We at Comics Talk are dedicated to the creative rights of those in the comic world but realize it is the fan that ultimately makes it work in a capitalistic society. With all that said here is the letter for your consideration with a link to the original facebook entry.

Joe Quesada
January 27 at 11:06pm

Hey gang, there’s something that I’ve been meaning to say. I’ve said it many times before but it bears repeating. Fair warning it’s a bit long winded so if you’re interested grab a hot cup of hot cocoa if you’re not going to bed it’s late, I couldn’t blame ya.

I’ve been seeing some discussions going on about comic’s, community and if there’s a lack thereof these last few days so thought I’d give my 2 cents though your exchange rate may vary.

Back when Jimmy Palmiotti and I started Marvel Knights we had message boards and we I gave praise to Odin every day because we didn’t have Stan Lee’s mutant power and they allowed us to reach out to so many of you and for you to reach out directly to us. Now 19 years later, never before in the history of comics have we creators, editors, publishers and fans had the ability to speak to each other on a one to one basis. Never, ever!!! While he’s the best at this of anyone I’ve ever seen, I’m betting Stan Lee would have given his left pinky and maybe “Rascally” Roy’s too (if he could have tackled and held him down long enough) to have had this technology back in 1961. No single house ad, Soap Box or letter’s page could have reached as many people as this post does at this moment and that’s some scary s#!t. I think we forget and at times take for granted that there really is no industry in the creative world like comics. An industry that produces content on such a weekly basis where fans have the ability to talk to creators daily, in real time and vice versa. Never before have we had such a huge community! Just asking where is the community causes the community to scream “Here we are!” And yeah, even though it can get a bit nasty from time to time, this isn’t unto itself anything new, the delivery system is just different and more convenient.

But for me, the connectivity outweighs all the rest. It always has, even when it was just letters. The other insanely cool thing is that if you want to write a letter you still can, if you prefer to read letters columns there right there, those things haven’t gone away, go crazy! Or should I say, “Go Postal!” Heh, I’m clearly terrible at this.

And hey, I also understand how sometimes the harshness of social can make it all feel bleak like there’s no community out there, but I believe there is and always will be, it’s just how we reach each other that will constantly change. Can’t wait for those Twitter brain implants. Fun!

So yeah, what I basically wanted to say in this insanely long-winded way was THANKS! Thanks for taking the time to read my meanderings, for plunking good money down on our books and for taking the time to tell us where we did well and where we sucked so hard that the entire industry was undoubtedly going to go under. I love what I do because you guys make it fun, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okay, time to make more donuts.

See ya in the funny books!

One Thought to “Joe Quesada Pens Open Letter on Social Media’s Impact on Comics”

  1. Rob Felber

    How about talking about the impact of crappy comics, endless reboots, multiple variants that hurt retailers, and the other BS you’ve been shoveling the past few years? Also, “if you prefer to read letters columns there right there”. Really?

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