Fox Shareholders Will Decide In July To Sell To Disney Or Comcast

Media Release: Well, it appears as if we’ll finally get some clarification about whether or not the X-Men and Fantastic Four are heading back to Marvel because a date has been set for a vote which will decide Fox’s fate.

It’s been confirmed today that Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox have set a date of July 10th for shareholders to decide whether or not the latter company sells the bulk of its assets to Walt Disney or instead considers a potential offer from Comcast Corp (they recently made their intentions clear to offer a cash bid which could bring a swift end to the merger which has comic book fans so excited).

Should Comcast make that deal before this vote takes place, “21st Century Fox may postpone or adjourn the special meeting of its stockholders to allow reasonable additional time for the filing, mailing, dissemination, and review by its stockholders of any such disclosure prior to the meeting.

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One Thought to “Fox Shareholders Will Decide In July To Sell To Disney Or Comcast”

  1. Clark Stark

    Disney’s $52 billion stocks offer better value in the long run and are tax-free when compared to Comcast’s offer of $60 billion cash that will be heavily taxed.

    No reason for Disney to counter yet. $52 billion stocks > $60 billion cash, long-term. Not unless Comcast’s ups their offer even higher than the current $60 billion.

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