FlashPoint: What’s Happening to the DC Universe?


Wow, have we all become numb to the changes in the DCU in the past. What began in Marv Wolfman‘s 12-part maxi-series in 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths when all things changed and the multiverse was simplified and characters changed, people and heroes died, is happening in Flashpoint. The title of the 1985 series was inspired by earlier crossover stories involving the multiple parallel Earths of the Multiverse, such as “Crisis on Earth-Two” and “Crisis on Earth-Three”, but instead of lasting two to five issues and involving members from many superhero teams from many parallel worlds, it involved virtually every significant character from every parallel universe in DC’s history. This series is one of the most important events in the DC Universe, and continuity in the DCU is typically divided into pre-Crisis and post-Crisis periods.

In time the series inspired the titles of four subsequent DC crossover series: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994), Identity Crisis (2004), Infinite Crisis (2005–2006), and Final Crisis (2008). The continuity of the DCU has not changed significantly since 2008. But that is what Flashpoint is all about according to the LA Times Superstar comics creators Geoff Johns and Jim Lee say they are bringing bombshell announcements about the future of Superman and the entire DC Universe to the Hero Complex Film Festival on June 11. Flashpoint appears to be a much bigger event that we thought previously. Looks like major changes in the DCU is on the way.

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. (DC Entertainment)

On June 11th DC is planning to release info about the big changes expected to their DC Universe line following the conclusion of Flashpoint. It is interesting that so far there has been no appearance of any version of Superman in Flashpoint. looks like the changes include the Big three, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Is nothing sacred in the DC universe anymore? I guess we have many more sup-prizes ahead way beyond the scope of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Well the cynical side of me wants to believe that I won’t like the changes, but life is full of changes and I will reserve my judgement till then. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt


2 Thoughts to “FlashPoint: What’s Happening to the DC Universe?”

  1. William

    Comic people always have world changing things happen to sell comics and get people to there movies.

  2. Tom McCafferty

    I wonder how all this, and things going on in the Marvel Universe, affect Access to comics.

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