Doomsday Clock #12 Finally

Finally, the end of Doomsday Clock is close. For all the frustration of readers, it is a great series. But some of the anticipations of the story was lost in the lengthy production of the comics. Some people just don’t care anymore about the third or fourth issue.

Be that as it may, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock #12 will bring an end to the popular, series, which has introduced Watchmen characters to key heroes from the DC Universe. December solicitations, which include a listing for the upcoming final issue, reveal a cover for Doomsday Clock #12 that pays homage to Watchmen’s iconic bloody smiley face.

Doomsday Clock #12 and see both covers for the issue below.



written by GEOFF JOHNS
art and covers by GARY FRANK
This is it! The final showdown between Dr. Manhattan and Superman shakes up the DC Universe to its very core! But can even the Man of Steel walkout from the shadow of Manhattan?
ON SALE 12.18.19
$4.99 US |12 OF 12|32 PAGES FC|DC
This issue will ship with two covers

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