Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1 Review

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Jim Cheung, John Dell, Justin Ponsor, Joe Caramagna, Ron Frenz, and Edgar Delgado
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 12, 2016

Spoilers: I have not been a fan of these type of stories in the past so when Dan Slott has Spider-Man declaring what so many fans must be thinking of Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1, ” This is all one of his stupid frickin’ cloning experiments! Again!”, I can see Dan Slott laughing as he wrote the line.

As I was reading, artist Jim Cheung’s masterful art and panels convinced me to continue reading and see where Slott is going, the team work of John Dell’s inks over Cheung’s pencils and Justin Ponsor’s color with Joe Caramagna transcribing of the script make it a pretty book with eye candy on every panel. With many characters in the story, each effort of art made them look iconic.

Readers of Amazing Spider-Man know, because of the title and previews, that a clone story means inevitably that Spidey is going to cross paths with the Jackal. Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1 is an epic story unfolding, with 19 parts or 23 if you include the Prelude which was contained in Amazing Spider-Man #16 thru 19. The Jackal’s look is different, he takes the look like Anubis, the jackal-headed god of ancient Egypt. Miles Warren (the Jackal) is playing god here, with his new life experiments, so it’s appropriate that he should resemble the god of the afterlife.

The story itself gives readers enough information to keep their attention and makes them want to proceed further down the path Dan Slott has set before them. It begins with the funeral of Jay Jameson Sr. the husband of Aunt May and father of Jay Jameson Jr. who has been a foe of Spider-Man and former boss of Peter Parker. It continues with Parker with the help of Anna Maria Marconi trying to investigate the science behind the so-called miracle of health offered to many including Jay Jameson Sr. who turned the offer down on Parker’s recommendation and subsequently died.

Marconi continues in the lab to get answers while Peter becomes Spider-Man to investigate on his own and uncovers in the Jackal’s lab almost more than he can handle and the phrase “Dead No More” becomes a reality for Spider-Man with the return of many of his greatest foes and Gwen Stacy in the flesh. That is where we are left in the first story.

Gwen Stacy

Ron Frenz, tackles the art chores for the backup story titled, “The Night I Died.” The ten-page backup is timely, and adds some depth and characterization of the story behind the story, while also pulling back the curtain of Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy. The stories complement each other and introduce The Clone Conspiracy in a way that makes the reader want more.

Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1 is not a happy story but dark and suspenseful in a good way. Clone story or not the combination of story and art is excellent and I highly recommend you read this chapter in Peter Parker’s life. Also join us here at Comics Talk as we talk about the things that interest you. Stay tuned for more comic reader. 🙂 Walt

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