DC’s ‘The New 52’ Mystery Lady In Red Name Revealed


According to the short story in Justice League #6 the mysterious lady in red who was introduced in Flashpoint #5 is named Pandora. I am sure it is a play on words from Greek mythologies Pandora’s box because the Phantom Stranger in the story asked for her to give him her box. In Greek mythology Pandora opened a box made by Zeus the king of Gods which contained all the evils of the world. She has knowledge far greater than a normal human but looks human except with distinctive marks on her face. We still don’t know much about her as we see in the short story that she possesses a ‘box’, has ‘cursed’ the world before and also seems to be observant and curious toward things that occur. The Phantom Stranger said that she interfered with reality and changed things for her own purpose and said she should fear the higher powers in the universe namely the Spectre but she said she had already been judged by a higher power and he did not scare her.

Pandora Close Up

At the end end Flashpoint with Barry Allen’s help running through the time line Pandora’s actions appears to have merged three of those worlds the regular DC world, the Vertigo world and, the Wildstorm world. The full reason for this has not yet been revealed. A synopsis of events in Justice League #6: Pandora comes across a dead body which she begins to investigate, until the Phantom Stranger interrupts her. Phantom Stranger reveals that he is aware of what Pandora has done to the universe, and while she thinks she may have strengthened it, he tells her she has only cursed it, as she once did before. He continues to state that a group called the Circle of Eternity had made it clear that people like them were cursed to watch the world that they’ve sown, never getting involved, but Pandora remains defiant, dismissing the Stranger’s warning believing the Circle to had been destroyed. Stranger informs her that someone from the Circle who he refers to as “The Third Sinner” is still walking the world, but unlike her, does not interfere with the human world. Stranger attempts to take “the box” away from Pandora, leading her to attack, and shoot him in the head, knowing full well that she can’t kill him, only cause him pain. Pandora leaves, telling Stranger that she will find and imprison someone called “The Strange,” as it will free her of her curse, and she will receive help from the Justice League, whether they like it or not.

This story sheds light on Pandora but leaves us with many questions, when will this story be presented in the New 52 and how will the Justice League play into this. The intrigue of the mysterious woman in red is not over yet but we have a name Pandora. This is part of the fun of reading comics guess as you may it still has to be revealed in story and art in some future issue in the New 52 comics. You can be assured we will be there at Comics Talk. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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