DC’s Negative Man Portrayed as Gay in Doom Patrol

A founding member of DC’s Doom Patrol, Larry Trainor who is exposed to a mysterious energy field as a Pilot and becomes Negative Man. He miraculously survives the crash but is left disfigured and the vessel for a radioactive being with extraordinary abilities. He’s shown married with two children, while also carrying on a secret affair with one of his ground crew, a man, who witnesses the accident. That double life, of course, serves to reinforce Trainor’s dual nature.

During a special Q&A held ahead of Doom Patrol’s premiere, executive producer Jeremy Carver addressed the decision to change the sexuality of Negative Man.

“It was really interesting to me to be telling the story of someone who felt different on the inside back in the day and felt like he was forced to hide it,” he said, “and now he looks very different on the outside in the current day, and how that struggle sort of compounds itself onto one person.”

“And that’s not even including this unknown spirit living within him, which adds to the complexity of his issues,” Carver continued. “So it all adds up to an incredibly layered individual, who we’ll watch struggle and come to terms with all of it. I think it’s one of the more emotional storylines of the season. We’re all very much excited for it.”

Doom Patrol premiere is today on Streaming Service DCUniverse. Not sure how to react to the news.

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