DC Comics Profits Down in 2015

DC Comics
DC Comics

Bleeding Cool is reporting that DC Comics is down over 2 million dollars for their financial year beginning in 2015. Reasons cited include the cost from moving the offices from New York to Burbank were higher than expected as well as the poor performance from the less than stellar Convergence event series and tie-ins, in addition to the post-Convergence relaunch doing all that not great.

DC also offered their comics to be returnable, which has only added to the problem, as obviously the issues are not selling and retailers are returning them, which is a loss for DC. According to the report, “a lot” is riding on Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race upcoming graphic novel. It’s also said that DC senior executives have ordered the DC editors to go back to the “meat and potatoes.” If you liked liked the changes after Convergence it looks like things will go back to more traditional story arcs.

Bruce Wayne will be returning as Batman (it’s noted that was always the plan), but it’s also said Superman may be returning to normal (whatever that is) as look for Superman to “ditch the shirt and jeans a lot quicker than planned and to get back into the suit pronto.” It’s further said, regarding Superman, that DC has to downplay the recent identity revelations themes and not write the stories specifically about the change in identity status as they are now.

For whatever reason sales are down, maybe people like a Superman who is “Super” and a Batman who is Bruce Wayne. The Clark Kent blown secret identity story line reminds me of when Peter Parker revealed he was Spider-Man story, which never really worked and was very un-popular with many fans. How DC is going to downplay the recent identity revelations may be a real problem with fans.

The Batman has done well in sales in the past and with Bruce returning and good writing the story popularity should recover. The iconic heroes of DC need to return in well written stories that do them justice, no pun on JLA. The fix is on driven by bad sales, just maybe that’s how things work in the comic world. Remember comics drive the movies and TV shows. Comics are the source for the rest of the entertainment world so do a good job DC Comics. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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