Dan Slott Talks Superior Spider-Man and Goblin Nation


“Superior Spider-Man” writer Dan Slott dives headfirst into his work on the Marvel title, covering the recent twists and turns involving the rise of Alchemax and Spider-Man 2099 finding himself stranded in the current Marvel U, the fact that nobody is safe when “Goblin Nation” hits the book, the effect “Age of Ultron” did and did not have on his plans for the series and the continuing struggles Doc Ock is having in his attempt to be the best hero he can be.

On the current status of Doc Ock as the “Superior Spider-Man”: As we can see, he’s starting to screw up. There’s more and more screw ups happening. He thinks he’s superior, but we’re starting to see things get through the cracks, especially on the Green Goblin front. He has no idea they’re out there and he thinks it maybe has something to do with Hobgoblin, who in his mind has gone missing. The goblin stuff is going to start getting worse. At the end of issue #19, Horizon Labs exploded, it’s gone. There is no more Horizon Labs. It has been in the core Spidey titles for 50 issues, it is gone. It’s not pretty. Not only is it gone, but Max Modell has told Spider-Man, “If you ever see that Peter Parker guy, no. He’s dead to me. You, too, Spider-Man — goodbye.” All the Horizon guys who are left get on their yacht and just sail away. They’re gone. Horizon Labs is done and over, but there are things-a-coming. There are things happening. You’re going to have to see it.

On the rise of Alchemax in the Marvel Universe: Not only is Horizon gone, but taking its place is Alchemax. The big bad of the year 2099, the mega-corp that runs New York, this thing we know is going to be the most evil thing in the future is here now. Because of something that Spider-Man/Doc Ock has failed to do, Alchemax exists now and it’s a big bad for the entire Marvel Universe. It’s up there with Roxxon, Hydra, AIM — Alchemax is here. Unlike those losers at Roxxon, AIM or Hydra, we know this will live on until 2099. This is an unbeatable foe. It’s now here because of Doc Ock/Spider-Man’s failure.

On the timing of the 2099 time travel as relates to “Age of Ultron”: We introduced Tiberius Stone in “Amazing” #648. We were always going to get to a Spider-Man 2099 story, but “Age of Ultron” happens and it was so easy. That helped prompt, “Yeah, let’s do this.” Let’s move all the pieces now because there’s an organic reason to get there instead of whatever story reason we were going to need to bring Miguel to the present. … What you see at the end is that Miguel O’Hara is here in the present. He’s got Lila, but that’s the only link he has from 2099. He completely downloaded her, and he has his little holographic pal he can talk to, and he’s hiding in the present under a new identity — he’s Michael O’Mara — and he is working at Alchemax for his grandfather in disguise, keeping a tab on him.

On the amount of freedom he has on Spider-Man: Way too much. Stop me! Why won’t somebody stop me?! No one knows what’s going to happen. One of the things I can tell you about “Goblin Nation” — because this has been building. We have Green Goblin over here and we have Doc Ock over here and it’s all coming together. One of the things I can tell you with that security of people knowing I’m willing to pull triggers: no one is safe. The minute we get to “Goblin Nation,” all bets are off, no characters are safe. I don’t care if Stan Lee or Steve Ditko created them — they could die! John Sr. — I don’t care what generation they came from, no one’s safe. Everyone’s on the table. Anyone could go. SEE MORE ON DAN SLOTT AT – Danslott.com

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