Bendis To Reintroduce 1987 Villain From Superman IV

Superman’s world in the comics is getting a big shakeup thanks to Brian Michael Bendis but no one thought that we would see a screen villain from 1987 namely Nuclear Man, who debuted in the often criticized Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. It all started thanks to a joke by Nick Derington, who drew a sketch of Nuclear Man when Brian Michael Bendis was announced on the Superman title, and now he’s actually making his way into the series.

“So when they first announced I was taking over Superman, @nickderington did a sketch of nuclear man from Superman 4: the quest for peace. people started challenging me to put him in my run. Challenge accepted!!! 🙂 This is by @ivanreisart and you’ll find it in Superman issue two.” Bendis wrote.

Nuclear Man

The sketch of Nuclear Man is pretty dead on, perfectly recreating the character but also making him way more imposing than he ever was on screen in the film. The art was done by Ivan Reis, and Nuclear Man will make his DC Comics debut in Superman #2.

Nuclear Man was a very cheesy character who was created as a clone of Superman by Lex Luthor in the movie and had many of the powers of Superman with deadly long nails that depowered Superman, yeah like I said it was pretty cheesy with a fight on the moon and in outer space and low par special effects even for the eighties. Commercially the film made only $15.6 million on a $17 million dollar budget.

The Man of Steel #4 was released in comic stores this last week. Number 5 will be published this Wednesday the 27th.

One Thought to “Bendis To Reintroduce 1987 Villain From Superman IV”

  1. Matthew Mueller

    Reis could make even the most ridiculous looking villains look menacing, and he did some great work here.

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