BATMAN & CATWOMAN’S Wedding BATMAN #50 Cover #Batman

DC Comics has unveiled the cover of Batman #50, the issue in which Batman and Catwoman’s long-awaited wedding will take place.

?The cover, by artist Mikel Janin, shows not Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle getting married, but Batman and Catwoman – though Catwoman does manage to pair her cowl with her wedding dress.

Mikel Janin DC Comic

Batman #50 is due out on shelves July 4.

David Finch

One of the best stories in any comic book company is writer Tom King and artists David Finch and Mikel Janin’s run from Batman Rebirth to Batman 44. A mixture of drama including most of the Batman rogues gallery and family of characters with the romance of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne defining both iconic characters in a new fresh way. If you have not read them I suggest you pick up back copies on digital of at your local comic store. You won’t be disappointed. A recommended read here at Comics Talk News Blog. 🙂 Walt

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