Avengers Annual #1 Preview “Revengers Attack”

Avengers Annual 1

Simon Williams (Wonder man) and his Revengers have attacked the New Avengers and left the Avengers Mansion in shambles and many Avengers hurt. This happened in New Avengers Annual #1. This is to be concluded in Avengers Annual #1. Iron Man notes that Simon is ‘leaking’ ionic energy, suggesting that his current mental condition may relate to his powers rather than being simply a matter of choice causing him to be very unreasonable and not in a stable mental state.

Because of the anger in Wonder Man he put together the Revengers, a team of super-powered people to stop the Avengers because he believes they do more harm than good, blaming the Avengers for Ultron’s existence, the damage caused by the Scarlet Witch and the Hulk, the Civil War, and Osborn’s Dark Avengers. His team subsequently defeats the New Avengers in a quick attack on the mansion before he resolves to attack Avengers Tower.

The story in Avengers Annual starts with Steve Rogers addressing Simon and the Revengers about the attack on the Avengers and it looks like they are getting ready for more action against the main team of Avengers. Good story with 2 powerful teams ready to battle. Good Marvel stuff. On sale January the 4th I recommend this one for my readers. We are looking out for good stuff for you, stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt


New Avengers Annual 1
Avengers Annual 1 pg 2
Avengers Annual 1 pg3


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