Avengers VS X-Men #11 Fatality! Who Dies?

AvsX consequences

Marvel has shown us the cover of  AvX Consequences #1 about the after math of the Avengers Vs X-Men series. It clearly shows there is a casualty in the series. We can guess who it might be, some names have been suggested, but there are also hints within the cover art and future titles that will be released in November as part of the Marvel NOW! release. We will set forth possibilities of who this may be.

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1. PROTECTOR – formerly known as Marvel Boy this character has played a big part in the AvsX series he has angered both Avenger and X-Men and the Kree. During the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Noh-Varr locates a secret A.I.M. base. The Avengers assemble where they take out the base and arrest Monica Rappaccini and the rest of the A.I.M. scientists that escaped following Osborn’s defeat. After the battle, Noh-Varr checks in with the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire who informs him of the coming Phoenix force and orders him to intercept and contain it at all cost… even if means eliminating his Avenger teammates. In space, after the Avengers fail to stop the Phoenix, Noh-Varr analyzes the reason for their failure and discovers that Thor’s Mjolnir hammer can injure and absorb the Phoenix’s essence. Before the team can celebrate, Noh-Varr declares that he will take the collected energy back to the Kree. While the Avengers wake up in their spaceship heading to a sun and try to escape death, Noh-Varr takes the Phoenix energy to the Supreme Intelligence. However, the Supreme Intelligence declares that the energy will not be used to save Earth. Noh-Varr turns against the Supreme Intelligence and escapes with the energy. The Avengers meet him, take the energy, and declare him an enemy of the team telling him never to return to Earth. Noh-Varr is left in Hala running for his life from the Kree. Perhaps things won’t turn out well for Noh-Varr, he maybe the casualty of the conflict.

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2. HOPE – In AvX, Hope is targeted by the Phoenix Force. The Avengers want to take her into custody to protect her from the Phoenix Force, but the X-Men want her to be able to accept the Phoenix Force as it could help revive the dwindling mutant “race”. Having learned about a previous Phoenix host who was also trained to become the Iron Fist of her era, Hope visits Yu-Ti, but Yu-Ti is unable to help her directly, instead instructing her to learn from Spider-Man based on a vision he had. Although uncertain what he can teach her, Spider-Man proceeds to tell Hope about his mantra of great power requiring great responsibility, giving her more to think about in her role as the host for the Phoenix. Spider-Man later teaches her about patience, and waiting for one’s moment when it comes, and to step up to the challenge. Perhaps it is her fate to die in the series as she comes face to face with the Phoenis force.

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3. QUICKSILVER – The master of speed has played little in the role of AvsX but still may be a part of the final to issues in the series. As brother to Wanda (the Scarlet Witch) there is no love loss between him and his father Magneto but he is very loyal to his sister and would go great lengths to help her in need. perhaps he will give the ultimate sacrifice in the final conflict head. Can’t find his image anywhere in the new titles in the Marvel NOW release of titles but that really doesn’t mean he did not survive. He has had a very low profile in the Marvel universe before and just may be out of the picture. We will see if Pietro Maximoff yet plays a roll in final issues of AvsX.

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4. MAGNETO – The mutant master of magnetism Magneto isn’t exactly happy with what the Phoenix Five — now just the Phoenix Two, Cyclops and Emma Frost — in Avenger Vs X-Men #10, it seems that at least Emma isn’t too happy with him, either. This is setting a direct conflict between Magneto and Emma who now has half of the power of the Phoenix force residing in her and with a mind that is losing control to the force within her. He just may not survive the ordeal in the last two issues of AvsX series. You put that with the fact I cant find Magneto in any art work after Avenger Vs X-Men and it is a real possibility he maybe a casualty of the war between Avengers and X-Men. We will see if this is what happens soon.

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5. EMMA FROST – Emma was a very powerful mutant telepath who had great powers without the Phoenix Force. Now with the corruption of great power Emma is loosing herself the force and may challenge Scott himself for the final half of the power. The variant cover to Avengers Vs X-Men #11 shows Scott (Cyclops) and Emma in a fight that looks like it could be to the death. Perhaps the Phoenix force will be responsible for a second death of someone who Scott loves. The grief of killing her could snap him out of the hold that the Phoenix force has on him long enough to have a resolution to the story arc. Perhaps the death is Emma Frost, we will see.

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6. CYCLOPS – Ever since Messiah Complex Scott Summers (Cyclops) has been possessed with preserving the mutants as a growing race of being. He alienates friends, compromises his morals and finds himself at odds with former teammates. He was compromised in power with his conflict with Hope perhaps there is enough there to stop him or kill him in the struggle. His death would stop the war depending what happened to the Phoenix force. The resolution of the war may result in the death of Scott Summers. We will see soon in the final two issues.

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7. PROFESSOR XAVIER –  Charles Xavier is the most powerful mutant telepath on the earth and will play a key role in the final two issues of Avengers Vs X-Men. In New Avengers #29: “I’m prepared to stop Scott, no matter what the cost,” he said. Perhaps the cost could be the death of Charles Xavier the founder of the X-Men. During the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Professor X telepathically contacted a Phoenix Force-powered Cyclops after the fight in Wakanda to express his severe disappointment in their recent actions. Professor X makes it clear that unless they ended their madness right away, he would have to take action and use the appropriate actions to bring the X-Men down.  Does he possess the power to stop this war and conflict and will it cost him his life in doing it, perhaps. We will see in the coming issues ahead what direction Avengers Vs X-Men takes the Marvel Universe and who will be the casualty of war.

Well that’s the seven possibilities I see in the AvX Consequences of war, please tell me your idea and if you agree or have someone else in mind. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

UPDATE: Find out who dies HERE

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    It really does not matter who they kill nobody ever dies in comics, LOL.

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