America’s Got Powers Review

America's Got Powers

Not to far off the beating path…

For those of you who don’t know me I am a browser.  I go into my local comic shop and stare at the stuff I cannot afford to buy and look at the things I am not collecting often wondering if I should be collecting those.  This particular week I was excited for all the comics that I was going to get off my shelf, but I had to look at the Racks anyway. That is when I came across a little Gem of a comic called America’s Got Powers by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch.  I am a big Bryan Hitch fan very few Artists have the spacial understanding that he has.  I have not heard of Jonathan Ross prior to this Comic book, but he made a fun and enjoyable archetypal underdog story. 

Not to give to much away the powers in this book are event based powers.  Our main Character in this comic is Tommy Watts, a stoner, not a smoker of the drug just the name the comic calls anyone effected by the event.  Tommy is a dud where everyone else got some level of power he got none.  I have to say I was in love with this character within the the first few pages and unlike previous independent comics with new heroes I was sucked in.  Jonathan and Bryan create a compelling world with great commentary on our own.  I found even the second time I read through this book, the undertones of conspiracy surrounding the unchecked capitalistic, military industrial complex.  Who, while supporting the initial advances in science gained from discoveries of Professor Syell, are ready to use the stoners for some nefarious purpose.  The book begins as it ends with a bang of light brighter than anyone has seen.  This comic is definitely for Mature audiences, for Violence, some suggestive material, and language, but I highly recommend it.


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